NIVY Watch
Smartwatch Designed for Professional Use

Powerful Industrial Watch


The NIVY Watch is a powerful and elegant smartwatch equipped with the latest smart technologies. It can be used without a companion device such as a mobile computer or smartphone. 

Collecting data to streamline critical operations, replacing workplace access cards, employee health and safety, measuring time spent on an activity, communicating using short messages with predefined responses - these are just a few examples of diverse workflows that the NIVY Watch can radically optimize.

It is ideally suited for applications in the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Retail sectors.

The NIVY Watch is available in various colours and can be tailored to your corporate design. 


Not "just a Smartwatch"

The NIVY Watch is a combination of specialized hardware and software:

Professional Smartwatch

The NIVY watch has an ergonomic design and is comfortable to wear on a daily basis in every situation. The button is easily operated even when using heavy-duty gloves.

The NIVY watch's AMOLED display presents information clearly. It is protected against water, dust and shocks. 
Android-based Firmware

The Android-based operating system has been customized to serve business customers. The user interface has been simplified to avoid employee distraction.

Part of the firmware is also a specialized application that collects important data from watch sensors to the cloud.

Multi-charging Station

The watch comes with a scalable multi-charging station to allow charging of tens or hundreds of watches in one place.

Dedicated Enterprise Solution

The watch comes with a Cloud-based Data Factory solution for storage, management and analysis of collected data.

Work activities can be audited based on pre-configured settings. This can help companies to better understand their work processes and increase productivity, quality of goods and employee safety.


Rayner de Raad - Managing Partner & Product Manager at Eutronix

"At Eutronix, we're always aiming to find that new pearl when it comes to the very latest developments in the mobility market. The NIVY Watch is not only innovative, but after thorough testing it appears to be a high quality product. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to offer our customers a great solution that is also 'future proof'."

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